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What is the Mulchmate?

The Mulchmate is simply a rectangular piece of plastic engineered to fit in all brands of yard waste bags to keep them open as you need to fill them.

How many times have you battled with a stupid paper bag just to get your fallen leaves, clipped grass, or small sticks dumped into it? Well, the Mulchmate cures all your yard bag problems!

The Mulchmate sets up quickly, so why not use it? "How do you put it in the bag?", you may ask. No need to worry, it’s very easy:


Mulchmate Easy Setup Steps


From the pictures above, you can see how the Mulchmate fits in the yard waste bag. There is nothing difficult about it, there are no bolts or nuts to attach and it's very lightweight. The Mulchmate fits nice and snug and the bag stays open and standing as advertised. Also, if the bag is laid down, clippings, leaves, and sticks can be raked into it. The Mulchmate makes the job of yard clean up so much easier and quicker! The price is reasonable as well...